Goroka is known today for its annual Goroka Show, unique pottery and the famous mudmen.  Coffee is the financial backbone of the region and enjoyed by connoisseurs worldwide.

PNG has always attracted religious groups from around the world, an influx which kickstarted coffee planting in the region.  Before WWII, German missionaries arrived and, longing for European comforts, began experimental plantings in the area around Goroka.  The perfect environmental conditions, a large available workforce and a worldwide demand for coffee quickly resulted in a successful business formula.  In just a short time, coffee became one of the financial mainstays for PNG.  Today, around 2.5 million Papua New Guineans derive a primary income from coffee growing.

PNG coffee is highly regarded for its excellent quality and fruity flavours.  The elevated landscape, rich soils and organic growing methods all contribute to a super brew.  The process by which the beans are prepared for sale also determines the quality of the final product.  Once the coffee cherry (red bean) is picked, the bean is dried to an ideal 10% moisture content.  The beans then go through a process of dehusking and carefully grading.  Finally, the green beans are sent for packaging where they are sorted in controlled conditions to protect the integrity of the beans.  Typically, coffee is roasted at its destination to guarantee a fresh, quality drink.  A visit to a local coffee factory is well worth the effort if you’re in the region.

While in the region, take a trip to Kainantu to visit the famous Kainantu Pottery.  The entire region is famous for its clay work but Kainantu has a worldwide reputation for its remarkable pottery.

In September each year Goroka plays host to the Goroka Cultural Show.  The show’s roots hark back to the 1950s and it provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the traditions and culture of Papua New Guineans in the region.

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